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  1. 欢呼声热烈 谷歌宣布 Kotlin 成 Android 开发一级语言

  2. Kotlin on Android. Now official

  3. 17 位谷歌 Android 开发专家是如何看待 Kotlin 的?

  4. 为什么你该摒弃 Java ,全面转向 Kotlin 语言?

  5. 为什么说Kotlin值得一试



  1. Kotlin 官网

  2. Kotlin 文档

  3. Kotlin 博客

  4. Kotlin 中文文档

  5. Kotlin on GitHub


  1. Getting started with Android and Kotlin

  2. Kotlin Android Extensions

  3. Android Frameworks Using Annotation Processing

  4. kotlin-examples

  5. Calling Java code from Kotlin

  6. Calling Kotlin from Java

  7. 使用Kotlin开发Android应用

  8. Kotlin入门和使用讲稿(PPT)

  9. Kotlin入门和使用讲稿(文本)

  10. Kotlin从入门到『放弃』系列 视频教程

  11. Kotlin: Java 6 废土中的一线希望

  12. Kotlin 语言高级安卓开发入门

  13. 《Kotlin for android developers》中文版

  14. 深入理解 Kotlin Coroutine(一)

  15. 深入理解 Kotlin Coroutine(二)

  16. Kotlin Script 及其运行机制简析

  17. Kotlin Native 详细体验,你想要的都在这儿



  1. Kotlin/anko – Pleasant Android application development.
  2. JakeWharton/kotterknife – View injection library for Android.
  3. MarcinMoskala/ActivityStarter – Activity starter generator and arguments injection library for Android.
  4. MarcinMoskala/KotlinPreferences – Kotlin Android Library, that makes preference usage in Kotlin simple and fun.
  5. MarcinMoskala/PreferenceHolder – Kotlin Android Library, that makes preference usage in Kotlin simple and fun using object with fields binded to SharedPreferences.
  6. nsk-mironov/kotlin-jetpack – A collection of useful extension methods for Android.
  7. pawegio/KAndroid – Kotlin library for Android providing useful extensions to eliminate boilerplate code.
  8. chibatching/Kotpref – Android SharedPreference delegation for Kotlin.
  9. TouK/bubble – Library for obtaining screen orientation when orientation is blocked in AndroidManifest.
  10. ragunathjawahar/kaffeine – Kaffeine is a Kotlin-flavored Android library for accelerating development.
  11. mcxiaoke/kotlin-koi – Koi, a lightweight kotlin library for Android Development.
  12. BennyWang/KBinding – Android View Model binding framework write in kotlin, base on anko, simple but powerful.
  13. inaka/KillerTask – Android AsyncTask wrapper library, written in Kotlin.
  14. grandstaish/paperparcel – Boilerplate reduction library written specifically for working with Kotlin data classes on Android.
  15. andre-artus/AnvilKotlin – Minimal UI library for Android inspired by React.
  16. mathcamp/fiberglass – Easy lightweight SharedPreferences library for Android in Kotlin using delegated properties.
  17. nitrico/LastAdapter – Don’t write a RecyclerView adapter again. Not even a ViewHolder!.
  18. denisidoro/krouter – A lightweight Android activity router.
  19. metalabdesign/AsyncAwait – async/await for Android built upon coroutines introduced in Kotlin 1.1.
  20. jupf/staticlog – StaticLog – super lightweight static logging for Kotlin, Java and Android.
  21. zserge/anvil – Minimal UI library for Android inspired by React.
  22. DanielMartinus/Stepper-Touch – Fun playful Android stepper widget for counting, written in Kotlin.
  23. GlimpseFramework/glimpse-framework-android – OpenGL made simple.
  24. infotech-group/android-drawable-dsl – DSL for constructing the drawables in Kotlin instead of in XML.
  25. zsmb13/MaterialDrawerKt – A DSL for creating Material Design navigation drawers without any XML.
  26. SnowdreamFramework/ToyBricks – Android Library that provide simpler way to achieve modularity.


  1. nekocode/kotgo – An android development framwork on kotlin using MVP architecture.
  2. lightningkite/kotlin-core – A full framework for making Android apps. Based on Anko and Kotson.


  1. antoniolg/Bandhook-Kotlin – A showcase music app for Android entirely written using Kotlin language.
  2. antoniolg/Kotlin-for-Android-Developers – Companion App for the book “Kotlin Android Developers”.
  3. damianpetla/kotlin-dagger-example – Example of Android project showing integration with Kotlin and Dagger 2.
  4. dodyg/AndroidRivers – RSS Readers for Android.
  5. MakinGiants/banjen-android-banjo-tuner – App that plays sounds helping to tune a brazilian banjo.
  6. inaka/kotlillon – Android Kotlin Examples.
  7. MakinGiants/todayhistory – App that shows what happened today in history.
  8. RxKotlin/Pocket – This app help user to save links easily, and can export to Evernote as weekly.
  9. SidneyXu/AndroidDemoIn4Languages – Comparison between Java, Groovy, Scala, Kotlin in Android Development.
  10. inorichi/tachiyomi – Free and open source manga reader for Android.
  11. ziggy42/Blum-kotlin – A simple android Twitter client written in Kotlin
  12. TwidereProject/Twidere-Android – Material Design ready and feature rich Twitter app for Android 4.0+
  13. SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Calendar – A simple calendar with events, customizable widget and no ads.
  14. SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Camera – A camera with flash, zoom and no ads.
  15. SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Draw – A canvas you can draw on with different colors.
  16. SimpleMobileTools/Simple-File-Manager – A simple file manager for browsing and editing files and directories.
  17. SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Gallery – A gallery for viewing photos and videos without ads.
  18. SimpleMobileTools/Simple-Notes – A simple textfield for adding quick notes without ads.


  1. ajalt/timberkt – Easy Android logging with Kotlin and Timber.


  1. kiruto/debug-bottle – Debug Bottle is an Android runtime debug / develop tools written using kotlin language.


  1. awesome-kotlin

  2. kotlin.link


《学 Kotlin,看这一篇就够了》